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Windows to the future [userpic]

^^ Coco-san's second reading

September 28th, 2006 (03:07 am)

You have chosen the Empress: You are wise and careing, generous and timely.

You have chosen the King of Wands: Traval lies a head. you will cross water with three others. 

You have chosen the Princess of Penticals: This travel will bring a richness of ideas

You have chosen the Princess of Wands: It appears as though this travel will be to meet someone in your imediate family and you will gain insite from this person.

You have chosen the Queen of Wands: This bodes very well for on this travel you will learn many great and new things. rom this short trip you may also gain a new friend.


o.o i...can honestly say i've never had someone with such amouts of the same suite before in my life. XD oh dear...

Windows to the future [userpic]

^^ Coco-san's friend' s reading

September 27th, 2006 (04:21 pm)

GOMEN NASAI!!!! ^^; i forgot the name!

You have chosen Strength: You are the stone on which most of your friends stand. They can rely on you in almost any situation and you give comfort and wisdome when they need it most.

You have chosen the two of cups: Whatever situation with the rumers that is going on, you will help bring it to a peaceful end. 

You have chosen the Queen of Swords: Swords usually denotes an argument. I see this being a small argument with an older female. 

You have chosen eight of penticals: five things of value shall come to you. one will be wood. this may be a segnifigant item to you.

You have chosen the seven of swords: be warey of more confrontations about one or more of these items.

Windows to the future [userpic]

Keki's reading

September 22nd, 2006 (07:12 pm)

You have chosen the Magician: There is a mystical air about you. Others turn to you for advice. Generally you're a quiet person.

You have chosen the six of penticals: An item of emotional value will be coming to you soon. I see this as being a pendant of some kind, possibly a locket.

You have chosen the inverted six of cups: Be careful of starting rumers. Cups generally denote gossip of some kind but being inverted it may mean that you unwittingly will help a rumer be passed. be wise of who you listen to.

You have chosen the three of penticals: look in the near future for small coins. These will not be extremely valuabe but could give you something. These are old coins, possibly from the mediternaian countries.

You have chosen the seven of cups: there is talk of travel. A map shows that this is a journy of some length. this could be a physical, or emotional journy, but one that will yield interesting finds along the way. this will happen around a holiday or birthday.

Windows to the future [userpic]

^^ Coco-san's reading

September 22nd, 2006 (12:57 pm)

You have chosen the Wheel of Fortune: Sometimes luck is with you, sometimes it's not, but you often bring fairness to a situation that otherwise might not be there. Generally you're a twosided coin and have very strong oppinions that you don't always express and you have the wisdome needed to know when to push who.

You have chosen the Princess of Cups: A wind of gossip is headed your way. be careful what you listen to, it may not all be true. This gossip may effect those close to you, so be on your guard about what is said.

You have chosen the Eight of Cups: This gossip will mostlikly be coming from an older male who you do not know. Be wise when speaking to him, and remember not to trust everything he says.

You have chosen the King of Cups: You will overcome this problem, whatever happens and peace will settle once again. Play your chips carefully and no harm will come from this but remember not to gossip yourself, for it is a strong wind that blows your way.

You have chosen the Six of Penticals: Perhaps in an unrelated matter there are a few money issues going on. whatever these are they can be resolved and in the near future you may recieve an amount of money for a job, or to help someone out.

Windows to the future [userpic]

Kit-chan's second reading

September 22nd, 2006 (12:44 pm)

o.o you got two of the same cards and i'm shuffeling with a totally different deck.

You have chosen the Hermit: Hermits are very wise and you can tap into this wisdome when you need it the most. You are calm natured and fun loveing, but down to earth in busness.

You have chosen the six of wands: Wands usually denote travel or riches, hoever in this case I see that it may mean a richness in experience. You're about to do something you have never done before, and through this you will gain more wisdome.

You have chosen the ten of swords: This denotes somewhat of a problem. in this case i feel it's an emotional tear. you're beating yourself up over something you want to do. take time to draw upon the Hermit and make your decision in the near future.

You have chosen the two of wands: You may recieve a small amount of money, or something small of value soon.

Windows to the future [userpic]

^^ Mur-chan's second reading

February 5th, 2006 (06:57 pm)

You are the High Priestess: I sense a change in you since the last reading. Something has forced you to gain a lot of wisdome and because of this Mars has become somewhat nuteral. I see the moon rising into your house very soon, bringing a new path and a position of power.

You have chosen the Page of Wands: This card reinforces the position of power. However this role will come with some trouble at first. Don't let your new posistion gewt your head and very very wise of what you say about it. I feel this could be a new job.

You have chosen the Four of Wands: Yes I definatly feel that this is a new job. it's close to your school and i see you working with people. I don't feel a lot of travel from this, but it's a small move. not far. you'll possibly have to get there from school, or you'll go past your school to get to it.

You have chosen the Four Of Swords: I sense a small dispute with an athority figure. it won't end badly and it will be short. I see you winning this small argument.

You have chosen the Page of Coins: Ordinarily This would denote quite a bit of money, howver I feel in this case it's meant to say that you will be handling large amounts of money for someone. I see a lot of paperwork dealing with math, perhaps this is a carrer test that you will do well on.

Windows to the future [userpic]

Kit-chan's reading

January 28th, 2006 (11:06 am)

You are the Hermit. as such you tend to shy away from people who you don't know. you are calm most of the time and your wisdom often shines through when others need comfort.

You have chonen the Six of Wands: Wand are oftin associated with travel or riches. in this case, I see a short trip soon, possibly with friends.

You have chosen the Three of Swords: Sords usually represent discord or argumentation, but in this case I feel it's a simple tiff with someone you love. this will not be a big fight and will end well.

You have chosen the Queen of Coins: coins represent money, and in this case I see it coming to you in threes. this will not happen right away though.

You have chosen the Six of Coins: you must manage the money you will recieve wisely. draw upon your hermit wisdom and put some aside. I feel that this money will be gifts.

^^; i'll im you the pics cause i've had to use my physical cards *lost the freaken cd i had them on* and will have to scan them later. please let me know when any of this hapens.

Windows to the future [userpic]

(no subject)

September 12th, 2005 (06:59 pm)

Mur-chan's reading!

You chose the Herophant: You have an unusual personality. Most of the time you are very quiet, even when angry, but your tember can and does explode rather viloently at times. this is partly due to your conflicting ruling planets probably being mars and neptune.

You have chosen the Six of Wands: Wands tend to entail wealth or travil. in this case i see money coming to you in fives. this may not be a large sum of money but it will not be part of your weekly paycheck.

You have chosen the Ace of Swords: Swords usually entale discord or argumentation. i sence that this is within yourself. you may be struggling with an issue about family or a friend. attempt to talk this out with said person, or find a constructive way of realeasing the tnsion in yourself. failior to do so could result in headaches and tiredness.

You have chosen the King of Swords: if not resolved soon, this could possibly effect your health, however there is a light at the end of the tunnle and i see you over coming this problem.

You have chosen the Five of Coins: This confirms the arival of money soon. choose how you spend this money carefully, you may need some of it later on.

Windows to the future [userpic]

(no subject)

September 4th, 2005 (07:02 pm)

Soka's reading

You are The Magician: You have two sides to you. While on the one hand you can think very logically if you have to, you tend to see things through a childlike vision. You oftin refuse to see the evil in people and will repeatedly forgive others, even if it's not their first offence. At the same time, you tread the thin line between light and darkness, battling bouts of depression at times. However, the Migician shows a strong soul and as more time goes by, you'll overcome many obsticals that are currently blocking your way.

You have the Knight of Swords. Swords generally represent discord in daily life, or argumentaion. In this case it's a complication with school. One spasific class is giving you trouble. Try to study this subject more than the others until you think you're comfortable with it.

You have the Two of Coins. Coinss represent money. In this case I see an expensive gift from a parent or an older friend in the near future.

You have the Five of Coins. This may not be a large amount, but I see money in your near future as well. perhaps a part time job, or helping others, but this money will be worked for.

You have the Three of Cups. Beware of gossip! If you hear a nasty secret about a close friend, think twice before believing/spreading it. This could bring about misfortune, and even the loss of a friendship that may already be tedering in the blance. The three of cups usually doesn't come up unless a large event is about to take place which may involve close friends. if you have to, ask this friend for the truth before taking action.

you're cards can be viewed here http://www.freewebs.com/darkness05/bioofanauthor.htm under "Tarot2" at the botom.

Windows to the future [userpic]

(no subject)

August 31st, 2005 (11:39 pm)

XD YAY! my first reading in 2 whole years! ^^

You are the Sun card. As such you have a nurtering naure, though your temper can explode easily in some situations. You would make a wise teacher and would likely be very good with children.

You chose the Nine of Cups. Cups usually represent friends and family. I see a strengthening relationship with someone who may not be so close to you right now. I feel that is is someone whom you have just recently met.

You chose the Five of Wands. Wands generally entale wealth and travel. I see that you will be going on an unexpected short trip soon. This may or may not have to do with school and will be a smooth journy. You may recieve money in the mail within two weeks.

You chose the Eight of Cups. This trip you will be making will be to visit a friend or a relitive. They may have a pleasent surprise when you arive. I see a pool of water at this place, perhaps an actual pool or a bird bath, whichever this trip will be relaxing.

You choose the Four of Swords. Swords usually represent discored or arumentation. You will be struggling with an imporant decision soon. Think carefully and if nessisary ask someone elses oppinion before making your decision. I feel that this has to do with a class, perhaps an argument with a teacher or classmate.

well i would have done the gif but it won't show up and the link got screwed up...it's all the way at the bottom on the "bio of an author" page in my "a walk in the dark" website.

Windows to the future [userpic]

(no subject)

August 30th, 2005 (07:22 am)

^^ wowness me likes the new LJ it's so pretty!

:edit: are my buttons off to you?

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